Environmental Portraits & Headshots

For Creative Businesses

These involve a combination of your working environment so they say a little more about your company. We can also use a location we’ve chosen together, one that feels appropriate for your business.

Sometimes just going for a stroll around your local area can be a great way of finding amazing backdrops and providing a variety of images.

We can also capture candid studio and office photos of your team working as part of your package.

Mini Sessions and Studio Set Ups

For Individuals & Large Companies

Headshots involve a shorter session, typically 20-30 minutes, often in a location that I have chosen to use for the whole day. They are suitable for anyone needing a professional image for promotional use, whether that’s social media, websites, LinkedIn, corporate brochures, press releases etc.

I often arrange Headshot Days which take place several times a year in either London or Surrey. They will be in a location that can provide varied backgrounds and time slots must be pre-booked.

For larger organisations needing headshots for their staff, I am more than happy to set up a location within your office or studio space for a quick turnaround of each employee, with minimal disruption to your day.


I'm available for bookings throughout the UK and internationally